Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sites of the Day

Awww... I think my sweet boys must miss me! I've gotten quite a few emails, asking, "Where are ya?" Well, I've had more than my share of busyness lately. My Niteflirt account won't let me read half of my emails.

Sometimes life can be a roller-coaster of events and emotions, and either we can ride them or we can fight the undefeated changes. In my opinion, most of us live for excitement anyway. In one way or another, we crave change, as long as it doesn't jeopardize our comfort or security. Once it does that, it becomes destructive, am I right?

Can ya tell I love to go off on tangents?

So, in the midst of my searches, I have come across some cool websites. So, I've added sites of the day. Please note that I will not promote any site that I would not myself use. These are sites, handpicked by me.

I love September. It's such a gorgeous month. Fall is my favorite time of the year, with the crisp smell and turning leaves that decorate the air. Strange that nature is so beautiful even in its death. It's before Nature's sleeping time.

Just a quick poem:

Spring = Attraction
Summer = Sex
Fall = Afterglow
Winter = Sleep

Strange little piece, don't ya think? I'm such a queer, but I'd have it no other way!

Site of the Day:


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