Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Penis Sizes

So, I thought I'd bring up the topic of penis sizes. Guys crack me up when it comes to talking about the size of their cocks. Most say they are well hung. Oh yeah! Haven't you ever heard the saying that if they say they are so many inches, subtract 2 inches, and that's their real size? It's true, from what I've come across. I'm a size queen, though. My first sexual partner was quite endowed, and I bled the first six times we had sex. I stayed with him for over 2 years, so I grew accustomed to the large cock.

Now, it IS true about larger guys. A lot of girls are terrified by a big one. They can hurt. They can hit the cervix (just like hitting a guy in the balls). OUCH! Big guys deal with that a lot, so it's hard for them to get ass sometimes. But I still love 'em...

Hey, since they all know our breast size before they get us in bed, I think all men should get tattoos on their forearms, saying what their length and girth is. That way, once the pants come off, women don't have to be like, "What am I supposed to do with THAT?"

Word of secret advice for the guys: If a woman doesn't ask, don't tell. There's nothing worse than overexaggerating yourself to get the girl in bed, and then, when the pants come off, she's disappointed. And don't go around, warning about a small one either, unless you WANT some humiliation. If someone told me he was small before I ever entered the bedroom with him, his chances would be slim to none. So, just keep it a mystery. Isn't that more alluring, anyway?

I made a recording where I answer certain questions that many men seem to have on their minds. The questions I answer are as follows: younger or older men, what is a good-sized cock (not small penis humiliation), should I have a threesomes while in a relationship, how does insertion feel to a woman, finding her G-spots and a few other sexual tips.
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