Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Compassion from Katrina

To all the Hurricane Katrina victims:
You are in my thoughts, and I send you psychic flowers and comfort.

Disasters such as this expose the angels and unknown heros of this world. After seeing the devastation on television of men paddling on doors made into rafts and neighborhoods resembling the bottom of cookie jars, a woman cannot help but cry. I wish I could say I was surprised at all the aid offered right now, but compassion has seemed to run rampant since 9/11 and the tsunami in India. It's a beautiful, melancholic reminder that the masses who are strong will help the weak. I wish there was more of myself that I could give, a piece of inner strength for those who have lost everything. It makes us all realize how easily comfort and peace can be ripped away from our fingers. If such turmoil has changed our perspective at all, I hope we all realize the beauty in a loved one's smile, the calming laughter of a friend, and the generosity of a stranger. It's impossible for me not to be moved.

Take care, everyone.

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American Red Cross


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