Saturday, July 30, 2005

Blow Job Recording

I know lots of guys love oral sex. I love to go down on lovers, but my callers don't get that luxury. Every man I have ever gone down on literally says, "Good god, I had no idea! You give the best head of anyone I've ever had!" I shrug and say, "I know." with a sly smile. So, to hear exactly what I'd do, here's my recording. It's a $1.99 a minute for 4 minutes. or call 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 0546620

Need a cheaper version? I wrote a poem, vividly describing the whole act, too. It's $2.

I had three callers spoil me a little this week, and one of my sugardaddies gave me a nice chunk of change for the week. He said he has no use for the money, and he knows I appreciate every cent. They are all so sweet for spoiling me a little for last week's vacation and to help with bills. It proves there are still noble, chivalrous men out there.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005


I had a wonderful guy who called me for a session, and we decided to chat before getting started. We ended up chatting for over an hour and never got down to "the dirty." It's always nice to meet a new writer and someone who can carry on an intelligent and inspiring conversation. He was a poet, like myself, so we had a lot in common.

I'm trying to decide whether to put more of my erotic poems available for purchase. If I was smart, I'd write more erotic stories about my experiences instead of writing poems, but that takes a lot more discipline and time.
I have written two poems for callers so far. One poem is called Chastity Belt. He loved chastity and worshipping women, and I wrote this for him. It's $2.
The other poem I wrote for a caller who sees himself more as a woman than a man. He used to make love to me as a lesbian. He was one of my first regular callers. After our last call (when he became a man again), I wrote this poem about it. It's called Casualties and Formalities and it's $1.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I figured I'd answer some questions that many might have on their minds. So, here they are.
  • Why did you get started in the phone sex business? I actually first heard about PSOing back in 1996. My best friend's mother did it and was a live Domme. I was totally intrigued with the Domme thing and was trained for the lifestyle, but I never went through with a business in it (just kept it in the bedroom and with friends). She also got me to do a call. I let a man lick my bloody snatch, but he was so drunk, he couldn't even stay focused! My ex-boyfriend's mother re-suggested it. So, here I am! I've now been doing this since March 2005.
  • When someone asks what is your job, what do you say? I usually tell the truth. Believe it or not, I don't like to lie. The women kinda look down on it, but I always say, "Do you have another suggestion where I can make money, working at home? If so, please tell me." That usually shuts them up. The men LOVE it. They all ask me to give them a sample, and I say, "Not without paying me!" As for the under-agers, I just say I do computer stuff at home. My entire family and my boyfriend's family know what I do. I do not apologize for it, although most of them are strictly religious. No one else can pay my bills but me... and the sweet thangs that call me!
  • Since you have been in the phone sex lifestyle, do you feel sexier or more inferior? Has your perspective of men changed for the good or worse? How has it affected your personal relationships? Yes, I feel sexier. I like being an outlet. I feel honored to hear such dark secrets from strangers. And then get numerous "thank you's" and "you are wonderful's." It makes me feel like... Wonder Woman!!! I don't know if it has changed my perspective of men. I think it's just made me more aware. Has it affected my personal life? Yes. I've been allowing myself to partake in some of the fantasies I hadn't yet. I've also noticed myself, being more seductive and opening my man up to his own fetishes.
  • Is being a sex operator an easy job? NO!!! This job can be emotionally draining, but by god, if it doesn't keep your brain on point!!! Whoever said this was an easy job never actually worked a shift.
  • Are you in competition with other girls in your line of work? I look at it this way. In a lot of ways, we AREN'T competing with each other. A lot of us work for different companies. Now, the Niteflirt girls kind of compete, but not really. It all comes down to the preference of the callers. I am brown-haired and sweet as sugar. Some callers like blondes or redheads. So, the blondes and redheads aren't my competition, the brunettes are. Some like ebony or latino girls. I'm white. Some like hairy girls, some like BBW's, some like brats, some like older women, some like phone cams, some want a 99 cent girl, some want a $20 girl. None of these compete with me because I don't fit in their categories. I love to hear bi/gay fantasies. Other girls don't. So, you see, we are all very different. The variety of Niteflirt is what makes it so profitable. The ones that compete are the ones that have no original ideas of their own, and make a general "PSO template" and they end up competing with others who do the same. That's just my opinion. For instance, I am an erotic poet/writer. There are others on there that are too, but I just give them props for having the same personality as me! I can admire their work. We are all in this business to make money. Some customers will be happy, some won't. We can either learn from the ones that aren't happy and try to build on it, or we can go bashing others because of our own inadequacy. I like who I am, so I have no reason to bash anyone else. I'm too much of a "Peace, love and harmony" type gal.
  • Do you give specifics on your callers? We are in a business that is very CONFIDENTIAL! Now, I believe that any good PSO has records of her callers in case of stalkers and for good customer service, but we are like psychiatrists in the sense that we should be held to our confidentiality. Many callers gain a trust from their regular PSO's and will reveal who they are. They become vulnerable to telling their other secrets, so why not tell their personal information, too? I'm not saying that a PSO should EVER ask for this, but some callers do reveal it. A PSO who takes this information and uses it for their own advantage is a scumbucket. Clear and simple.
  • Why do guys call for phone sex? I think that many of these hubbys call because they have been "closed off" from their wives either in a sexual aspect (as to her being a prude or never giving it up) or an emotional one. It is a fantasy and the brain is the largest muscle used in sex, anyway. These guys become addicted because we offer a "safe" place. We do not judge, and he has no past with us. When it comes down to it, it is the "illusion" of having a new infatuation. Everyone loves the way they feel when they feel new and alive at the fact that someone is showing them attention and wants to talk to them. We provide that. But these guys know it is just a fantasy. But for a little while, it just makes them feel good and like a man again!!! We are their drug!!!
  • What do you like about your job? No commuting, I can wear my comfy clothes and no bra (I hate them!), each call is a boost to the ego, I meet some amazing people who allow me to be intimate with them with no strings attached, I can work when I want and I can say how much I cost, I am always reminded of the power of the poo-nanny, I get to talk about things that my friends tell me I talk too much about and get paid for it,and I love being shocked and shocking others. (My biggest fetish of all)
  • What are some myths that you dislike with this job? Because we do this, it means we have no morals, spirituality or we think less of ourselves because we think we have to "resort" to such a "low-life" job. We are not seen as sex therapists. Just because the person on the other end is paying money, that means we'll do anything they want, becoming a "time slave." Many think that all callers hate women, are losers who can't get someone in the sack, or just want someone because they are lonely. Some guys just want their "oil changed" or a way to fulfill a fantasy without going out and actually doing it.
  • What do you think about the bad feedback you get from callers? Well, I charge a rudeness fee for anyone that hangs up on me, and if they don't pay, I block them. So, they use another member name and leave me bad feedback all the time, but if anyone reads the rest of my feedback, they will realize it is just disgruntled customers. They never say WHY I wasn't good, they just leave bad feedback. Screw 'em. I don't care about feedback and never ask for it, so I don't care whether they leave it or not. You can't win them all, and I'm not about to stress over some whiny jerk.
  • What is BDSM? So funny how many of us think that people know what BDSM is when many don't. BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. The subby (or BOTTOM) uses signals or tells the dom (TOP) beforehand. It takes a HUGE amount of trust to believe the dom will not take you to a place you are not comfortable with. Once you're tied up and helpless, you just gotta trust they don't overstep your boundaries. I used to be totally happy with just vanilla sex for the first 4 years I had sex. Then I discovered BDSM, and was totally drawn to it. I don't do it all the time, so I don't consider myself a lifestyler, but it is nice for a change of pace or to add variety. I especially like to play the Dom role with someone I've never had sex with and am going to for the first time. That's so much fun... cuz it totally throws guys for a loop!
  • Ever had another job in the Adult industry besides PSOing? I trained to be a domme for a while. I LOVED it! Now, for the love of BDSM, I guess you either like it or not. I hated the 8" heels (trying to whip the hell out of someone and balance on toothpicks is tuff!) I like to push myself to see how far I can take the pleasure or pain. I also like to whip a man's ass, taking out on him whatever anger I need to vent. Of course, when it really comes to BDSM, the domme is actually not in control, the subby is. A good domme only does what the subby likes and may "push" those limits, but if the subby is totally turned off and cutting the session short... well, the domme isn't in control anymore. It's all about the subby giving their entire trust that the domme isn't going to go over the limits. It is up to the subby to give that trust. Hope this makes sense. I was trained by the best..... Wicked Wanda!!!
  • Why are you a "Domme?" In my opinion, most of these guys like dominant women. Why? It's simple. The guys that call are usually "in charge" of their lives. They have many people under them in their careers. They like the change of having the rules put on them. I have a hard time with verbal humiliation, though. Either I'm too respectful or too harsh. I also always get submissive boyfriends (in the bedroom), so it comes natural, but the humiliation aspect doesn't.
  • Do you let your subs/callers call other Dommes/girls? I am not going to push myself on anyone. I'm not going to get all freaked out if my caller talks to someone else. Jeez, everyone needs variety, right? As for the Dommes, if they are really Dommes, then they are confident enough in themselves to not step on other Dommes' toes. It's ridiculous and shows their own vulnerability when you can push their buttons, and once you know their weakness, well, the gig is up. Being a whiny, cry baby as a Domme will only manipulate subbies, not another Domme.
  • Do you recommend someone becoming a professional Dominatrix? That is a very serious decision to make. I have been trained as a domme, and I do NOT recommend starting just on "practicing" if you have not had a real domme train you. Why? First, you must do a session as a submissive, so you know exactly what they go through. You can cause MAJOR injury if you hit the wrong places. Whips are very hard to control. You must know when to stop at all times. It is an EXTREMELY thin line to balance. Yeah, getting $600 to let a man sit in a cage for two hours or letting him clean your house in a french maid's outfit is easy, but there is a TON more to it than that. I had a ball doing it, but even with a flogger, I had the subby say the code word for "too much." If I can get that off an easy, sensual flogger, how easy do you think it is to cause injury with a whip or cane? If you hit too high on a swing to the booty, you can cause kidney damage. Cock and ball torture is even harder. And are you ready to squat over a man's mouth and poop? Are you ready to see a man's cock turn purple and know when enough is enough? Also, the second you have sexual relations at all, you can be taken in for prostitution. Just know all the facts before making such a huge decision. It can be more fun, but it can become horrifying in seconds. I've just had friends that wanted to play with my domme toys and they would always take it too extreme and end up really hurting the guy! The reason that I suggest being a sub for one session is so that you can know exactly how a sub would feel. You'd understand that amount of trust that it takes to be tied up and having someone else with a weapon in their hand! It also is an amazing feeling to be whipped where the hair sticks up on your ass from the goosebumps and then have a silk glove rubbed on that area. I just think it's a good idea to do it once.
  • Would you consider yourself more dominant or submissive in real life? In real life, I am more dominant. I grew up with a feminist mother who taught me not to rely on a man for anything because they are stupid and will always let you down. I always attract the submissive guys, but I also get very frustrated with men who always want me to tell them what to do. I guess it's because I have such a dominant and powerful personality in real life. I like the fact of being submissive sometimes because it's more unpredictable and I like relinquishing that power in at least one aspect of my life. However, I only become submissive with my boyfriends, not callers.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

My Virgin Post

Well, I took the advice of some other girls and decided to start a little diary about myself. What's my job? Well, I teach men how to make love to themselves. I guide them through different techniques and ways of touching themselves that they may have never experienced. Everyone has to admit that masturbation can get old sometimes, so it's nice to have someone guide you to add a little spice to your journey of self-love and self-exploration.

Me? Oh, I get my kicks from my lover. My sex life is totally fulfilling. However, I tend to keep my intimate moments private.

I am extremely sexual and independent. I love being spoiled. Of course, I always have been with men in my life, but guys on the phone seem to want someone to take their money, and I'm not that kind of gal!
This weekend, I am going on vacation, so I won't be available for my callers, but I should be back on Tuesday to hear plenty of men, moaning in my ear! Yummm....

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